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Wondering what there is to do in Elkford in winter?

Why not try Cross Country skiing?

Cross Country (aka Nordic) skiing offers an excellent way to have fun and get some exercise during those winter months.

Don’t know how to stay warm when it’s 20 below outside?

The Boivin ski trail offers a unique gradual uphill ski opportunity. It’s amazing how quickly those outer layers are shed when you ski uphill. Stop off at one of our ski huts to dry off, warm up, and don extra clothing for the trip home. Sure it’s cold on the return trip but it doesn’t take long, being downhill all the way.
The Elkford Nordic Ski Club maintains venues at both the Mountain Meadows golf course as well as the Boivin Creek trail. Check out this website for more information on our venues.
NEW: You can eTransfer your membership fee (with password "elkford") via this email: membership@elkfordnordicskiclub.ca
For trail maintenance updates, please visit our Facebook group. • Click here for the Trail Head Map. For the 2023/2024 season, the Club is making a limited number of child’s cross country ski outfits available for rental. Interested parties should contact April Reynolds at 403.896.0978. Or check out the Gear Hub in Fernie BC has those available.


Trail users are encouraged to complete membership forms and become Club members. Membership form with pricing information are available for download here or at the Boivin trailhead.

They can be mailed to:
Marcel Hoveling, Box 602,
Elkford BC V0B 1H0


Donations are gratefully accepted and can be dropped off at donation boxes located at the Mountain Meadows golf course or Boivin trailheads.

Thank you for using our trails.

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Trail Information

Boivin Trail features 2 warming huts: Boivin (lower) Hut and the Wildcat (upper) Hut. You can get trail information by clicking here. The trails are well-kept regularly by our club members with proper equipment. For more information please continue down the page.

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Boivin Trail: Dec 1 - April 30

Cross Country Skiing ONLY
No Motorized Vehicles
No Sledding
No Snow Shoeing
No Hiking
No Motorized Vehicles
No Fatbikes
No Dogs
No Dogs
Cross Country Skiing ONLY

Mountain Meadows Golf Course: Dec 1 - April 30. Find on Google Maps.

Cross Country Skiing
No Motorized Vehicles
Sledding allowed
Snow Shoeing allowed
Winter Hiking allowed
No Motorized Vehicles
Fatbikes allowed
Fido allowed
Dog friendly
Cross Country Skiing ONLY

About Elkford Nordic Ski Club

What you need to know.

Boivin Hut


For those new to the sport, you may want to start out at the golf course. The Club maintains 2.5 km of double track at the golf course in the form of a Figure 8. The golf course track is multi use where snowshoeing, winter hiking and dogs are permitted.

Once comfortable on Nordic skis, you may wish to hone your skills on the Boivin Creek trail. The first 1.5 km is relatively flat and then you come to your first hill. The hill provides an excellent opportunity to work on those snow plowing skills.

The majority of Boivin Creek users set the lower hut, which is referred to as the Boivin Hut, as their destination. A ski trip to the Boivin Hut affords the skier an opportunity for fresh air and exercise along with incredible mountain views. Round trip is approximately 7 km and 150m vertical elevation. Skiers are welcome to stop by the hut and have a snack or just warm up by the fire before turning back. The return trip entails an exhilarating downhill ski run back to the trail head.

Those wishing more of a workout can continue on to the upper hut (referred to as the Wildcat Hut). Total trip to the Wildcat Hut and back to the trailhead entails 14 km and 300m vertical. Travel solo, where you can go at your own pace and enjoy the sounds of nature. Or, plan a group outing for even more fun. As with the lower hut, the Wildcat Hut features a wood stove, benches and an outdoor privy.

Following logging in the mid-2000’s, the forestry company turned over the logging road to the ski club. This road (referred to as the "Upper Trail") is maintained by the Club and offers an alternative route to the Wildcat Hut. The Upper Trail connects to the main trail via junctions at the 2 Km and 5 Km points on the trail. The Upper trail is steeper than the main trail and adds about .5 km to the one way journey. Spectacular views of Phillips Peak are afforded from the Upper Trail.

Some skiers like to ski to the 5 Km junction via either the Main or the Upper Trail and then return on the alternate trail resulting in a 10.5 Km loop outing.

Elkford trails generally have good snow from December 1 to April 1 but this is subject to Mother Nature. Grooming occurs as soon as snow permits and is followed up as required (generally once or twice a week during winter months).

Grooming Nordic Ski Tracks

Trail Grooming

Grooming of the Elkford trails is accomplished by a snowmobile pulling a grooming device. The Club snowmobiles are special purpose machines, designed for pulling a load uphill without overheating. The track on the snowmobile is wider than normal to avoid getting stuck and to create a nice wide grooming surface.

Prior to 2007 grooming equipment consisted of a compaction drag, pulled behind the snowmobile. Following a heavy snowfall two snowmobiles go up and down the trail to pack the snow. The compaction drag is pulled behind one of the snowmobiles to flatten and compact the track. The final step is to pull the tracksetter behind the snowmobile to create two lanes of skiing track for Classic Nordic skiing.

Although some people like to “skate ski”, unfortunately the Boivin Creek trail is not wide enough to accommodate two Classic tracks along with a skating lane. Skate skiing breaks down the edge of the track which could result in loss of control for the Classic skier. Those wishing to skate ski are welcome to ski at the golf course.

For best results, speed of the snowmobile is maintained around 20 km/hr during the grooming and tracksetting. Each step in the process (packing, grooming and tracksetting) takes about 1 hr, for a total of 3 hours. This duration can be extended following a heavy snowfall or if downed trees are encountered on trail. The golf course requires about an hour to groom and trackset.

The Club purchased a Ginzu Groomer in 2007. The Ginzu is pulled behind the snowmobile and does the job of both the compaction drag as well as the tracksetter. The Ginzu features a comb device which leaves behind a ‘corduroy’ surface. The corduroy surface facilitates snowplowing on the downhill sections. The Ginzu Groomer incorporates two rows of knives which may be lowered into compacted snow to help break up the crust.

Original grooming equipment (compaction drag and tracksetter) continue to be utilised at the golf course for trail maintenance.

Where possible, trail grooming is performed during non-peak times. A sign at the Boivin trailhead kiosk indicates whether or not trail maintenance is in progress. Another clue is if the mobile sign, at the start of the trail, is moved off to the side.

Skiers are requested to please yield to grooming equipment when approaching, or being approached by, grooming equipment. It is not possible for the groomer to pull around the skier while setting track.

Grooming Equipment


2016 Ski Doo Skandic SWT
Super wide track, 24” wide track
2020 Ski Doo Skandic SWT
Super wide track, 24” wide track
Two compaction drags and two tracksetters.
140 lb weights are loaded onto the tracksetter prior to cutting the track. This equipment was constructed in the 1980’s by local fabricators. One set is kept at the golf course
2007 Ginzu Groomer
Fabricated by Yellowstone Track Systems, 60” wide.
2020 Ginzu Groomer
Fabricated by Yellowstone Track Systems, 60” wide
2021 Roller Compactor
Fabricated by Yellowstone Track Systems, 66” wide
Donation Box


  • Funding for trail grooming (fuel, machine maintenance, insurance etc) comes from membership fees and trailhead donations
  • Funding for equipment and facilities purchases comes from generous grants and donations received from the:
    • District of Elkford
    • Columbia Basin Trust
    • The Elkford Project Society
    • Teck
    • Sparwood Thrift Shop
    • Community Foundation of the Kootenay Rockies
    • as well as membership dues and trailhead donations.
  • the District of Elkford donates equipment time annually to assist with trail grading and rock removal
Wildcat Hut

Past Projects

The following projects were generally carried out with materials provided by corporate donations (see Funding section) and labour provided by Club members and volunteers. New bridges replaced aging structures, originally constructed for exploration and/or logging activities.

  • The ‘lower’ bridge over the Boivin Creek was constructed in 2001
  • The ‘lower’ or Boivin Hut and outhouse were constructed in 2002 (this replaced a lean-to structure)
  • The ‘upper’ bridge over Wildcat Creek was constructed in 2003
  • The ‘upper’ or Wildcat Hut and outhouse were constructed in 2004 (this hut replaced one built by Club members in 1992 which burnt down early 2004)
  • The ‘intermediate’ bridge over Wildcat Creek was built in 2014
  • Remedial bank restoration ahead of the pumphouse was carried out in 2015 (a section of trail was wiped out in the 2013 flood)
  • Andrew Gulyas’ Grade 10 Class carried out painting and staining of the Boivin and Wildcat Huts in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Off-Season Maintenance

In addition to special projects noted above, members and volunteers carry out maintenance on the Boivin trail during Summer / Fall, as follows:

  • Removal of trees that have blown down on the trail
  • Cutting of firewood for both huts
  • Brush trimming on both sides of the trail
  • Culvert installation and drainage improvements as required
  • Removal of rocks that fall onto the trail
  • Hut and outhouse repairs/ improvements
  • Sign maintenance
  • Trail edge markers and snow fencing on sections of trail subject to blow in

Volunteers are responsible to ensure that they are adequately trained for the job at hand. They should wear appropriate safety equipment and work safely. Persons performing chain saw work should receive training and certification. It is important to record the number of hours worked on the trail for the Club’s annual reporting to the Ministry.



There is a kiosk at the Boivin Creek trailhead. Information provided at the kiosk includes: trail map, regulation signage, any warnings, notification of trail maintenance in progress.

A visitor box contains membership forms and log sheets. Visitors are welcome to sign their names and leave comments, summer and winter.

The Boivin Creek Trail is located on Crown Land and, as such, members of the Elkford Nordic Ski Club are stewards of the Province.

A formal agreement was drawn up between the Club and the Province in 2002. This agreement is updated every 5 years.

The Club is responsible for ensuring that the trail is maintained in accordance with minimum standards as set out by the Province. The Club is also responsible for ensuring that volunteer work performed on the trail is carried out by qualified persons in accordance with Provincial safety standards.

The Province, in turn, carries insurance in the event a volunteer work gets injured while working on the trail. Outdoor enthusiasts have a general dislike for rules and regulations. Cross Country skiers are no different.

The trail is developed and maintained for the enjoyment of Cross Country skiers. It has been found necessary to invoke minimum regulations for the enjoyment of persons for which the trail is maintained.

The Province is fully supportive of trail regulations as set out and clearly signed by the Club.

Boivin Creek Trail Regulations

  • No motorized equipment (except that used for trail grooming)
  • No dogs allowed on the trail
  • No hiking in winter
  • No snowshoeing
  • No fat tire biking
  • No sledding

Co-operation of Boivin Creek trail users is greatly appreciated.

The District of Elkford maintains a garbage receptacle at the Boivin Creek trailhead. There are no other garbage facilities on the trail. "Pack out what you pack in."

Hut users are welcome to help themselves to firestarter paper, kindling and firewood. As a courtesy to others, please replace what you consume. Ensure the stove door is closed when you leave the hut. Please leave the trail and the huts in the same or better condition that you find them.

Mountain Meadows Winter Trail Regulations

  • No motorized vehicles
  • Pet owners are requested to pick up after their dogs as a courtesy to other trail users


Elkford BC offers beautiful trails. Boivin Trail is the main Nordic Ski Trail, featuring over 16km of beauty.

  • 1984 - 1999

    How it started

    The Club was formed in 1984 and its first president was Ross Taplin. Al and Clare Freeze were heavily involved with the Club throughout the 1980s and 90's. The Freeze's used to set a track at 7-Mile , just off the highway, south of Elkford. The Freezes lived at 7-Mile and ran a ski school from their house.

  • 1999-2003

    New Club President

    Jim Becker was Club President from 1999 to 2003. During this time the lower bridge was built (2001). They added the lower (Boivin) hut and outhouse in 2002.

  • 2004 - 2011

    New president, new ideas.

    Garry Lucas took over in 2004. The upper hut was built during this time.

  • 2011-present

    Currently running the show

    Kim Muller became Club president in 2011. The Wildcat Bridge, located just before the Lower Hut, was replaced in 2014. Remedial trail work was carried out 2013-2015 following damage due to flooding in June 2013.

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For registration and general inquiries: Marcel Hoveling, Secretary/Treasurer. Phone 250.865.2759 or email mhoveling@yahoo.com

For general inquiries: Kim Muller, President. Phone 250.865.2467 or email mullerkim@shaw.ca